MCSS was formed in 1999 with a belief that it is our obligation to assist the needy people in our midst.  Therefore, the mission of MCSS is to help people in  New England who are in dire need.

MCSS is an independent non-profit, tax exempt organization registered in Massachusetts.  Donations made to MCSS are tax deductible.  MCSS is 100% volunteer organization.

MCSS seeks, collects and distributes donations from our community in the form of Zakat, Fitra, Sadaqa or Charity to support the local needy.



The Application
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                                            In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
Muslim Community Support Services, Inc.


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    95% Donations Reach the Needy   

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PO Box 256
Burlington, MA 01803


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Families Helped Financially


MCSS Needs Your Donations To

  Growing demand,        monthly food distributed to 550-600 local people


   MCSS Endowment Funds  

These funds are designed for Sadaqa-Jariyah (perpetual reward) for you or your loved ones. 

Half of income from the fund is distributed yearly and rest is reinvested. 

You may join the common "Food and Shelter" endowment fund by contributing any amount or establish a new fund of your choice for a specific purpose by initially contributing $5000.

Current MCSS endowment funds:

  1. Ansari Funeral Funds

  2. Baqr Education Fund

  3. Panjwani Family Fund

  4. Food & Shelter Fund
    (open to all)




Sadaqa (Charity)


Matching Gifts

Food Drive

Funeral Services

Domestic Abuse
(Victims Assistance)