Food and Shelter Fund

As an MCSS Board member I have observed year after year that approximately 90% of applicants ask for help in paying their past due rent or utility bills and/or money to buy food. The number of applications keep increasing with the rising apartment rents and the cost of living.

The demand for help with food and shelter is likely to continue long term as a basic human need. It is important to plan ahead to have a source of funds available to address this long-term need. This drove us to establish an endowment fund. This fund is intentionally not named after any individual or family and left open for anyone who wants to take advantage of this everlasting reward. 

All are encouraged to contribute in any amount preferably on a recurring basis to this fund in the name of their loved ones or for themselves.

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A Forever Gift

MCSS considers "endowment", "waqf", "sadaqah jariyah'' donations as roughly synonymous concepts which Muslims believe are meant for perpetual benefit of the needy. Traditionally, Muslims have established such institutions to honor their loved ones, be they living or deceased, or seeking their own "maghfira" / forgiveness from God almighty.

The power of an endowment is in its continuity.   Your gift is preserved in perpetuity meaning that no end-date for the fund is set. MCSS endowment donations are invested in "shariah" compliant funds with projected long term 8% annual capital growth, half of which will be spent to help the needy and with no / 0% accompanying administrative cost.

You may join the common "Food and Shelter" endowment fund by contributing any amount, or establish your own fund for a specific purpose by initially contributing $5000.

Chinese Proverb: The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now 

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