Rental Assistance

The goal of the Preventing Eviction and Utility Shutoff program is to help families who are in a financial crisis and emergency assistance for basic needs i.e. paying for rent and utilities. We believe assistance with paying rent is the first line of defense against homelessness.  It is devastating to families when they lose critical services, such as heat and electricity. The adverse impact of high rents for apartments in New England is compounded by the very limited availability of governmental assistance to families in financial crisis. This is where MCSS comes in to fill a much-needed gap.

MCSS and related charity organizations face tremendous pressure to help families stay in their homes after they receive notices from landlords or court orders to vacate for nonpayment of rents or shut-off notices from utility companies. MCSS strives to provide timely emergency help by paying up to $1,500.00 rent and up to $750.00 for utility bills.


Some of the recent families helped include:

  • A single mom of four, and a driver for Lyft, laid off due to Covid-19 by paying $1,024 for her rent.
  • A disabled senior, with a family of three and limited income, by paying $950 in delinquent rent.
  • An individual, who is out of work on disability, by paying a $274 National Grid utility bill.

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