Food Assistance

According to 2019 statistics, 40 million Americans face hunger every day. They are often forced to choose between eating and paying their utility bills. Despite this, there exists an erroneous perception that poor families are eligible for Government administered Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or food stamps, and no one faces hunger in the USA. The truth is that those eligible for SNAP benefits receive $1.40 per meal. Therefore, recipients of SNAP benefits are

  • Forced to purchase highly processed and unhealthy food.
  • Unable to buy fresh produce.
  • Exhausting their food budgets during the first two or three weeks of the month.

Although hunger affects every community, some groups can be more vulnerable than others. Refugee families and senior citizens are the fastest growing food-insecure population in our immediate neighborhoods. The MCSS food drive program delivers boxes of healthy food, containing fresh produce and nonperishable items each month, to approximately 150 families in Boston and surrounding cities. The cost of feeding a family of four for approximately three days is $75/family. We invite you to support our food drives and/or sponsor one or more families each month. In addition, MCSS provides local supermarket “Food Cards” in $20 and $50 denominations, on as needed basis, to purchase groceries.

Examples The MCSS food drive initiative focuses on helping elderly individuals with limited or no ability to go out and buy food and single mothers with small children. Most of the recipients are refugees:

  • Total of 627 individuals receive food deliveries each month. 
  • 44% of the food deliveries are to elderly/or disabled.
  • 21% are single mothers with small children at home.

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