We are Poineers

A family’s calamity when their home caught fire in 1999, forcing them to seek shelter, inspired a group of concerned community members to launch Muslim Community Support Services (MCSS).


MCSS serves families who need help with the basics: food and shelter. We provide them with food, rental assistance and help with utility payments. Since our inception 21 years ago, we have seen a steady increase in the need for our services.


Our area has also had an influx of refugees from countries, such as Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Burma/Myanmar. Many of these refugees are in dire circumstances that don’t allow them to work. They may be wounded and/or disabled, have severe and/or chronic health problems that prevent them from being able to work, or are single mothers with small children. All these factors have led to a steady increase, over the past 20 years, in the requests for rental assistance, utility payments and food.

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