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  Make More of a Difference:
   Donate Appreciated Securities  

RAMADAN is the season to share your bounty with the less fortunate or to support your favorite cause. If you’re in a charitable mood, consider donating appreciated securities -- stocks or mutual funds.

Donating your appreciated stocks to MCSS helps the donor to deduct full value of stocks donated, with no capital gains tax to pay.

How To Participate

Donating stocks to MCSS is relatively easy.

  • Notify our finance team in advance of your stock transfer by sending an email to — this will help us provide the necessary information to our broker so that your charitable gift will be accepted and recorded properly for income tax purposes.  Next, fill out this stock donation form and send it to us via fax at 1-866-802-6737 or by sending an email to
  • Notify your stock broker of your intention to give a gift of securities to MCSS. Provide the following information:

    Broker: Scottrades
    Account name: Muslim Community Support Services, Inc
    Account number: 57295076
    DTC: #0705

Donating Appreciated Securities: A Win-Win for Donors and Charities Alike